Biotop Professional


A Hybrid Mission

Biotop is on a mission to create hybrid hair, to strike a balance. Nature has powerful resources that truly heal, and using them allows hair to better withstand chemical processing and the rigors of daily styling.
Concurrently our goal is to turn stylists + salons into empowered ambassadors, and work together to build a truly salon-exclusive brand. We value the pros, and encourage consumers to #BuyFromProfessionals.    

Culture + Values

Call it cliché but when it comes to values our culture identifies strongly with balance too! Work hard, play hard. Have fun and keep it classy. Act kindly. Stand up for something. Practice moderation. Read (at least quotes). Last but not least, follow the Golden Rule.  

We call it a hybrid lifestyle and believe that practicing these values in business is the standard for success.   

To me business isn't about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders. It's about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials.
- Richard Branson

Products Are:

Sodium chloride, paraben, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) free. Plant based, many are vegan. Manufactured using lab purified water and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Not tested on animals. Free of petrochemicals. Gently fragranced using ZERO of the 27 allergens listed by the UN. Designed to moisturize and heal.


90's nostalgia for retail sales? Incentive programs + sales competitions? Free backbar? Gratification? (knowing your product expertise goes to good use) Satisfaction? (knowing that ten minutes actually led to a sale) We feel you. Let's work together and rebuild retail in your salon/booth/suite.   

#SupportYourStylist + #BuyLocal

This industry has survived recessions and put food on many tables. Machines have yet to take over for stylists; they are still our most coveted professionals and trusted therapists. But one thing has changed...professional products used to be available only from professionals, and now they are everywhere.

One reason is diversion, which few people know about let alone understand. Simply put, diversion is often the reason Paul Mitchell, Redken and other top brands end up online or at discount stores. (Article here is dated but explains further). True diversion isn't illegal but it is unethical and it hurts salons.

E-commerce has also crushed retail sales for salons: the internet is a gift but it is the polar opposite of exclusive and the definition of free-for-all. Big box stores are another culprit and have put many small businesses out of operation. Little guys simply can't compete with their prices and still make money.

And we wonder why stylists charge $300+ for balayage or $140 for a cut? Salon expenses have inflated along with everything else but this important revenue stream is GONE!

We want to make a change and bring back exclusive retail. 

How Are You Involved?

Stylists know what is best for your hair so they should be the ones selling your product. We challenge you to vote with your money and buy from salons instead of Amazon. In addition to supporting the little guy or gal, it benefits you:

  • ensures your product is authentic, not expired or fake
  • excites your stylist (they share amazing knowledge!)
  • correct hair care for your type + style saves money and heartache, especially over time
  • coloring is expensive, so why ruin your ombre, gray, and fashion colors with product that doesn't preserve it?
  • We love Olaplex! AMAZING. But Olaplex does not "address protein or moisture...they are entirely separate issues." 

Using the right products the right way makes a huge difference to hair. We challenge you to #SupportSmallBusiness and #BuyLocal. Amen!

Every risk is worth taking as long as it’s for a good cause, and contributes to a good life.